Happy third birthday to Centerboard; celebrating three things that matter most

Happy third birthday to Centerboard; celebrating three things that matter most

Centerboard Marketing just celebrated its third birthday! The past three years have been an exhilarating and inspiring experience. I am so grateful to the clients, partners, and friends who have helped me and Centerboard grow. As I look back on the priorities I had when I launched Centerboard in 2012, I recognize that they are the same things that keep me motivated today.

1. Focus on quality

There are many shops out there churning out endless amounts of low-quality content that do nothing but clutter the web. But that’s also why Sirius Decisions reports that 70% of content goes unused and the Content Marketing Institute says 30% of content is not effective at helping organizations achieve their goals.

I take tremendous pride in the quality of Centerboard’s work. Along the way I’ve teamed with top-notch agencies, experts, and freelancers seasoned pros who have the collective knowledge and skills to hold the quality bar high.

2. Solve problems

Helping clients is about solving problems, not simply coming up with ideas. Digging into an industry and learning from customers helps me challenge assumptions and uncover opportunities. Putting together the right strategic and creative resources helps me address them.

Centerboard gives me the opportunity to remove bottlenecks that prevent success. I love architecting solutions to make things faster, easier, and more powerful.

3. Build connections

Content strategy cuts across many disciplines of marketing. I love to create and to plan and collaborate and teach. I get to help companies break down the silos between content, web, social, sales and operations to make their digital programs hum.

We are only at the beginning of an exciting journey! Looking ahead I expect to keep creating, learning and building  and having fun along the way.

By Margie Agin, Centerboard Marketing Chief Strategist