Content is a critical component of effective marketing and sales programs. It strengthens your brand and builds trust with your prospects and customers. But, simply stringing words together is not enough to educate and inspire the people you most want to reach. An integrated content strategy ensures you weave together the right story and deliver it effectively. Often, our biggest contribution is to act as the connecting tissue between marketing and sales silos. Our role as a content “Chief of Staff” helps coordinate everyone involved in the sales cycle so they tell a consistent story, uncover opportunities, and share in each other’s success.


We start by setting up a “listening post” to learn what makes your organization unique, what matters in your industry, and what your prospects and customers have to say. We’ll ask some questions that might scare you. But in the end, you’ll be ready to launch your campaign – or refresh your website – or approach a new market – with your eyes and ears open. As a result of our discovery process we develop key elements of a content strategy:

  • Buyer personas and content mapping  We identify the pain points and preferences of your ideal customers so you can engage with them in a targeted and meaningful way. We use a highly effective framework to map your existing content to personas and stages of the buyer’s journey. As a result we identify gaps and priorities for ongoing content development.
  • Voice and style guide – Are you a quirky brand? A more serious authority? Are you looking to shake people up or inspire them to create change? We work closely with your team to develop a “voice” for your organization that matches your brand and your company culture.
  • Editorial calendar  We create a structure for content development that focuses on specific themes unique to your organization and ensures consistent messaging and tone across all of your touchpoints. Together we’ll determine a production plan that matches your budget and resources.

For your content program to be most productive and cost-effective, it needs to operate as a well-oiled machine. Centerboard helps you step back from the daily pressures of one-off campaigns that can consume your marketing team. We bring together a fresh set of technology and skills to accelerate your workflow and architect a sustainable, measurable system tailored for your organization. Talk with us about:

  • Technology planning  Integrating content with marketing automation systems, vendor assessments, RFP development.
  • Custom workshops and training – Training on content best practices, with personalized coaching for specific staff.
  • Organizational planning – Resource planning, budget planning, and KPI development.