If no one sees your content, you won’t have much luck getting your message across or proving the value of your investment. Our customer engagement programs consider how content is used at every stage of the sales and marketing funnel – from building awareness and nurturing opportunities to retaining and delighting customers after the sale.


The content marketing strategies we develop are tuned to match your goals, with a workable plan that matches your resources. Some of the approaches we employ include:

  • Online marketing – We use content to increase the conversion potential of paid promotions on social media, email campaigns, and advertising.
  • Customer ambassador programs – We turn happy customers into brand advocates who can amplify your message and connect you to new buyers. We find unique ways to get them sharing your content and generating original content of their own.
  • Influencer marketing – We build relationships with market influencers who can promote your content and expand your network. We’ll prioritize those with most relevance to your business and identify strategies to connect with them.
  • Social selling – We coach sales teams on ways to combine the power of compelling content and social media to attract and educate prospects.

Our job to promote content beings with thoughtful content development. Some content is great for Twitter, some for an email nurture flow, and some for your sales team to deliver. When we create content we always consider the context in which content will be used and we choose a format for maximum sharability and conversion.


There are a million things you can track to see how well your content is performing and whether your engagement strategies are effective. We focus on the metrics that are most important to your overall business goals. Are you attracting new customers? Are they sticking around? Were you able to accelerate the velocity of your sales cycle? We test, track success, and adjust our plan based on what we learn.