Brand Breakthrough Book

It’s Time for a Brand Breakthrough

Why do nearly half of Americans and 84% of millennials mistrust corporate brands? Why do fewer than 50% of employees believe in their own company’s brand idea or feel able to execute on it?

Brand projects often die on the vine, either because the brand definition didn’t hit the mark or because it was poorly, inconsistently executed. Crafting a catchy tagline isn’t enough to build trust or differentiate your company.

Brand Breakthrough breaks down the process of developing a brand personality into a step-by-step playbook. Packed with case studies, first-person interviews with top marketers, and hands-on activities, Brand Breakthrough will inspire and empower you to navigate your company’s brand journey.

Inside, you’ll find a proven framework to:

  • Define a brand that matches your unique company culture
  • Articulate how you help customers succeed in ways competitors can’t
  • Convey your brand in content, campaigns and conversations
  • Build buy-in and excitement for a brand launch
  • Measure the impact on your business goals

Brand Breakthrough is a book for business leaders, marketers, salespeople, content strategists, copywriters, web managers, and anyone who wants to leverage the power of brand to grow their company. Learn to build a powerful brand personality that attracts the right type of customers and leaves competitors in the dust.