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Product Content Guide

Got a complex, difficult-to-explain product? Stop marketing the features and functions and start showing how your solution makes customers smarter, faster, and more successful. Even better – give them a taste of the results so they get hungry for more.

  • Get your customers to lean into your product stories, not push you away as too salsey
  • Make that lightbulb of understanding go off in your customers’ heads
  • Enable other people in your organization to share those stories

Questions for Case Study Gold

Case studies are the sharpest tool in the marketing toolbox. Over 75% of B2B buyers rely on them when researching purchases and they convert at the highest rate of any content type. Getting customers to share their stories publicly is often challenging so when you do get approval for a case study, you need to make the most of it. This list of questions will help you get customers to open up and share their experiences so that you can create case study gold.

Brand Breakthrough Action Guide

The content in this action guide runs parallel to the book Brand Breakthrough: How to Go Beyond a Catchy Tagline to Build an Authentic, Influential and Sustainable Brand Personality. Hands-on activities, checklists, interview questions and templates included within will help you apply the information you learned in the book and kickstart your brand journey. Get ready to help your company take the next step in its growth, build powerful relationships and stand out from the crowd.

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